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Window Treatments Are A Big Deal

Once your beautiful new PATCO home is complete, it's time to think of all those interior design elements that will really make it the showplace of your dreams!

Window treatments top off a room beautifully. Plantation shutters conjure images of tropical villas, while cellular shades bring on the sleek and chic. Don’t forget Roman blinds, roller shades, sheers … and the list goes on. With so many eye-catching options, how do you choose? Start with these seven considerations to help you select the ideal window treatments for your home.

1. Privacy and Light Control
Determine your window treatments’ optimal opacity. Do you want soft light diffusion, room-darkening options or a mix of both? Are you looking for total privacy or a more flexible approach? Many blinds, such as the cellular shades (pictured above), offer top-down/bottom-up options for versatile light and privacy control. You can fine-tune your shades to both block onlookers and let in sunshine. Some systems also have sheer and room-darkening panels that operate independently for further customization.

2. Insulation and Sun Protection
Up to 50 percent of your home’s heating and cooling energy can be lost through its windows. If you’re looking to enhance energy efficiency, try a window covering that helps regulate your home’s temperature. Shades with a honeycomb structure, for instance, trap air to keep rooms toasty in the winter and cool in the summer.
Open your shades during bright winter days to catch the sun’s rays, and close them at dusk to lock in the warmth. Conversely, shut them during hot summer days to block the heat. Many blinds also offer fabric with UV protection to safeguard your furniture, flooring and art from sun damage.

3. Window Shape and Size
Measure your windows for the exact width, height and depth, and keep the shape in mind. Standard picture and rectangular windows can accommodate all styles, but that doesn’t mean tricky-shaped windows are left in the dark. Shutters can be made to fit circles, arches and French doors. Cellular shades can be manipulated to suit triangles and trapezoids. Roller panels, shutters and sheers can glide effortlessly over sliding doors. Not even skylights are off-limits. You can also combine your window treatments to achieve the right light filtering and privacy.

4. Operating System
Ease of use, accessibility and safety all come into play when choosing your window-treatment operating system. Automated systems are ideal for hard-to-reach spots or times when you want to stay cuddled up on the couch. You can schedule their movements via an app, link them to your smart-home system or use a remote control.
If you’re concerned about safety, consider a cordless or retractable cord system. Looking for something in the middle? Try a wand-operated motorized covering. To conjure up a perfectly day-lit space, simply pull down on the wand to lower your shades and push up to raise them.

5. Room Conditions
Pick a window-treatment material that suits your room’s environment. Bathroom window treatments, for instance, need to hold up against heat and humidity. Faux-wood blinds, such as the ones seen here, can withstand shower steam. If you go with faux wood, look for realistic graining on the louvers. Composite, vinyl and aluminum blinds are also a good option for hot and humid areas. If you want a softer aesthetic, try antimicrobial fabrics that resist mold, mildew and bacteria.

6. Maintenance
Read the care instructions and consider your cleaning tolerance before purchasing window treatments. Dust all shutters, shades and blinds regularly. If you want to limit maintenance to a quick blast with your vacuum cleaner and a bit of spot cleaning, select a more robust covering. Delicate window treatments can require professional cleaning to keep them in top-notch condition. You can also select fabric that repels dust, soil and stains to simplify care.

7. Design Style
Choose window treatments that fit in with your home’s aesthetic. There are options for every style, whether you prefer country cottage, crisp minimalism, old-world traditional or boho chic.
If you like a more natural look, consider reed, grass or bamboo shades in a warm neutral. Bold more your M.O.? Go for sculptural, colorful shades dusted with mica for a mesmerizing shimmer. Whichever window treatments you choose, they’re bound to bring beautiful, practical panache to your home.


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