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In November 2008 PATCO became the exclusive Woman-Centric Matters® certified builder for Southern Maine and New Hampshire. No matter your gender, the end result of this innovative, more intuitive approach to floor plan layout and features results in a home better designed to "live" the way your family does. When you listen - really listen - to your customers, you realize that there are certain elements in the design of a home that create stress rather than add convenience to your day to day life. Let's face it, no matter how busy you are, your home has to work. A poorly designed home - no matter what your gender or lifestyle - costs you money, wastes precious time, and adds to the stress of day to day life. Woman-Centric Matters® design is simply great design!

Finally About Me!

Like snowflakes, no two women are exactly alike. But there are certain personality types, which researchers have identified, that find certain features of their home more appealing than others. Finally About Me® is a fun resource to help you zero in on just the perfect home for you. Are you a Maggie, Margo, Claire or Elise? Take a few minutes to answer the short online QUIZ It's fun and informative!

My Home Is My Haven

Are you a strong traditionalist with a pragmatic nature? Do you require private spaces to relax and read a good book, but you still focus plenty of energy on your family? Look at plans with flex space and areas for family to share time together.

Elise Profile


My Home Makes A Statement

Do you view your home as a showcase? Is your primary emphasis on style and touches of glamour? Because presentation and detail are important to you, look at home plans with more formal areas that are structured toward entertaining.

Claire Profile


My Home Is Unique

Are you a dedicated career woman? Do you view your home as an expression of your sophistication as well as a place to recharge between work and social activities? Look for a home design that's unique and offers a few unusual features - arches, entryway columns, etc.



My Home Is Carefree

Are you an active person? Is your home a refueling spot? Look for comfort and function in your home plan, you may be happy with less square footage because your busy lifestyle leaves less time for cleaning and upkeep.

maggie profile


Find The Plan To Fit Your Lifestyle - At A Glance

Turning the dream of building a home into reality can be a daunting challenge, with hundreds of decisions to make along the way. Choosing a plan can be the most intimidating because it's often difficult to visualize the finished home and how it will "live". To make it easier we've created Livability at a Glance™, a new way to present floor plans that will help you narrow the search for a design that fits your personal lifestyle and needs. Take the survey HERE and then follow the color key below when you view our various home models to find the one that's the perfect fit for your family!
Flex Space
flex space
Most PATCO plans offer an adaptable room that can be transformed into a home office, children's play area, craft station, guest suite, yoga studio, fitness room, nursery - whatever you need for wherever you are in your life! Our design team is always thinking ahead!
destressing space
Your personal retreat is a special area where you can escape from the hectic pace of everyday life, relax and recharge. This can be a beautiful walk-in shower, whirlpool, porch or sunroom. When planning for the needs of your family, don't forget to think about your needs as well!
entertaining space
Life isn't all work! Our open concept floor plans create a natural flow so that you can interact with your house guests without missing the party. Whether socializing with friends or hosting a big family gathering - entertaining is a breeze!
storage space
As families grow, so does the number of things too cherished to part with. Finding a place to put sentimental items, off season clothing and recreational equipment, can become a real headache. We've taken great care to include plenty of closet space and storage areas.
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Standard Features That Make Life Easier!

  • PATCO includes a reach-in or walk-in pantry in every kitchen. No more struggles with an outdated and unwieldy "Lazy Susan" wedged in the corner between cabinets. Take stock of what you have (and need) quickly and easily.
  • Our homes locate the laundry area where it belongs, central to the home, or optionally on the second floor, closer to where dirty cloths originate! No more struggling to the basement with overflowing baskets!
  • Tired of clutter all over your kitchen counter? We know you are! Every PATCO home includes a conveniently located "Drop Zone", generally in the rear foyer. Drop off your keys, mail, backpacks, charge your hand held devices - before they end up on your countertop!
Women-Centric Matters® features aren't about gender - they're about providing our home owners with the very best in home design. We don't just rely on studies and surveys to determine what these features are, with over three decades of designing and building homes for Maine families, we have a lot of first hand information that comes directly from our homeowners. They've told us what works, what doesn't work, and what could work better when it comes to the type of floor plan, materials used, and products incorporated that will make life at home more enjoyable - and every day activities less stressful. The bottom line? Whether you're a man or a woman, saving money, saving time, and creating a home environment that works with your needs, is simply great design!

Your Picture Perfect Home!

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